Monday, 11 December 2017

Mr Patterson & Raenan Talk

Today Mr. Patterson came into team five with a known year twelve, his a was about things we should be aware of opportunities in college. What inspired me the most was when Raenen talked about colleges, he said that he never ever wanted to go to Tamaki college. He didn’t want to go to Tamaki college because, thought that this school was all about fighting and other negative things that would make him look dumb when they go places with his uniform.

Why this inspired me the most ? Because some year eight kids around this arrears don’t want to go to Tamaki college because of all of these videos and violence. But, that is not true because Tamaki college give you lots opportunities for education and fun opportunities as well that you can get just like that. As is you go to big colleges, percent of you getting it is, at least ten Percent because it is such a big school so yeah.

So remember whatever college you go to always be thankful and just be who you are, so remember this.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Considering Others Viewpoints

Hey guys today we were learning to consider someone else's viewpoint or
opinion. the presentation was about statements so we had to chose rather
disagree or agree and we will have a agreement and it was really fun. 
I enjoyed this task because A it was fun and B it was like a kind of
learning that we haven't done before. 

Friday, 17 November 2017

Maths Problems

 Hey guys this week for maths we were learning how to solve
maths problems. This following presentation contains + x - /
and many more maths problems. It was fun and also hard at
the same time. my next blog post will be my own presentation
similar to this one. So remember to leave me a comment and
have a great day Point England.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

My Mixed Up Fairy Tale

Coincidence, observed, blurted, discreetly and ponder

The Turtle And The Rabbit Image result for turtle and rabbit

There lived a happy fast rabbit in a village named Ikudala the rabbit was well-known as the fastest runner in the village aka money-maker. One day Mr. T was walking past the rabbit, The rabbit was discreetly telling his friends that he was going to ask Mr. T for a race, Mr. T was a slow turtle aka slower than a snail, everyone hated him he only had two friends, it was his mum and dad.

The rabbit went over to the Mr. T and said “hey Mr. T you want a race”
“Are you asking me” replied Mr. T “I sure am asking you Mr. T” Mr. T looked away and pondered about if he should race with money-maker. While Mr . T was pondering, money-maker said “if you win I will give you my brand new lamborghini”  
“and what about if you would win” replied Mr. T
“I don’t want any thing” money-maker said.
“ok tomorrow afternoon?”
“yes that will be a lovely time Mr. T”. So off they went back to their houses, Mr. T was worried about the race tomorrow he could not sleep, so he went to McDonald's.

“Hello can I order a big mac combo and a coffee please” The person at the counter said “are you the one that is racing money-maker tomorrow”.

“Yes I am” he replied

“would you like a fast formula in your coffee” he observed what the cashier said for a minute. He said “ok, what do I have to do”
“nothing, I just hate money-maker” he said
“well what are you waiting for hurry up and make my coffee!”
“Order number 76 is ready” Mr. T went up to collect his order, he quickly  drinked it all so nobody will look at him and said “thank you”, he ran out of the door like flash and speed of into the village.

Then the clock struck twelve O'clock, it was noon! Mr. T ran to the same spot but, money-maker was already there, “ what a coincidence you're wearing the same shirt as me, take it off now!” money maker said,
“Are you ready?” said Mr. T politely
“I sure am old man” he replied, the caller said
“all right racers get ready now” then he said “on your marks… get set… GOOO!!!!” Mr. T speed off like a wild tiger into the forest but, money maker was as slow as a turtle, Hahaha Mr. T laughed and he finished the race. Then one million seconds later comes slow coach, Mr. T said “where is my lambo” So he threw his keys to Mr. T but, then Mr. T blurted out that he cheated and everything else.

Money maker said you cheater, but Mr. T was already gone into the atmosfair with money makers lambo, the end.

WALT - Use interesting language in our writing

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

School Is Here

Goodbye vacation!
Hello to school! Hello new class,
goodbye old pool. Vacation time's over,
school time is here, now we welcome
A new school year. We know it is not
rear, but stay in class and eat an apple or a pear.
I know you're thinking it ain't that cool, but kids you know you should stay in school and always
remember to listen to Mr. Burt is rule about our hat. Yeah that's right the prefects said hats we walked around the school and we saw big fat rats. Do you
still remember how Mr.J plays the bugle, but what
You should know is that we got this poem from GOOGLE!!!!
So go ahead now and play, but please do not eat
the horses hay and one more thing all prefects are kings at the end of the day.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Inspiring Talk With Mr. Patterson

Inspiring Talk With Mr. Patterson

Hey guys today Mr. Patterson came into team five to talk to us all about our future and other inspirational things. His first talk to us was about A + I = M then he asked some of the year sevens and eights students what do these letters stand for. Then someone put there hand up I could not see the person but I could hear her voice she said “Is M for motivation” and he said, “Yes you are right well done”.

Then he said anyone else knows what the two letters might he then someone else raised their hand and said “Is I for inspiration” and what do you know he said “correct”. After that, he asked us what does inspiration mean, then we all said the answer and it sounded like a chicken farm bakark everywhere. So he told us what it means he said “it’s like inspired by people, parents, and sports players” and then he said what does A stand for this kid raised his hand and said “does it stand for aspiration” and he said “what a clever boy”.

Overall he said to aim for success, at this moment I could see my future and where I was going in my life. I was thinking of me being a priest, why I want to be a priest because my family wants me to be a priest and I will keep my faith strong when I go to church and receive the Eucharist. I also want to be a priest because my grandma said before she died, “Son when you grow up I want you to be the first priest in our family your last name”, So that is why I Hendrix will a priest in the future. So yeah strong words from Mr. Patterson today, we just hope that we will also see him in college.  

Friday, 22 September 2017

Why You Should Vote

Why You Should Vote

It is important for us people of New Zealand to vote for
who you want to be the government of Aotearoa. It is
Important for us people to vote because, if don’t  vote
and the next morning you wake up and they announce
the government and you don’t like who it is then do not
go crying in the toilet saying I hate the government.

People should also vote because, we again people of
Aotearoa should make a change to our children's life
and a change that can not be changed for us and also
to our Tamariki of NZ. so what are you waiting for make
a change go and look in your mailbox and see if you
have a orange envelope and hurry up make it change.

I also recommend that we should all vote for Labor
cause. All the other parties are thinking about money
money money, and I also don't like what the national
party brought up progress of school work saying our
kids are dumb. On the other side we have Labor,
Labor is not greedy with money they are helping out
The homeless and trying to find a way to solve the
housing crisis in Glen Innes. Come on vote for Labor.

And last but not least, vote for who you want to be the
government don’t vote for green party just because
Your mom or dad is, just vote for who you want to be
the government of NZ. So please make it change for
New Zealand please adults and vote carefully, bye.  

Hello there again Here is some of my reasons
why you should Vote this year if you want to
know then just read what on top, so have a
good day and remember to comment down
bellow BYE BYE