Thursday, 15 May 2014

The lightest wood in the world

Entelea arborescens
WALT: Use the text to find information, and make inferences.

1. What does pruning mean? Pruning means giving your garden a little clean.

2. Why does grandma want to save the seeds? She  wanted to save the seeds because the possums have been eating the seedlings in the bushs and there aren't many whau trees left.

3. What did the boys notice about the wood? The boys notice that the whau tree was light and the green tree was heave.

4. Why do you think Daniel thought it was a good idea to make rafts from the whau? It is an good idea because the wood is so light that you can float it down the river then you might never see your rafts again.  

5. What was the difference between the brown whau branches and the green whau branches?The brown branch is so light and the green branches are so heave.

6. Which raft do you think will float better and why?Jed and colin because they made there raft out of whau branches and pulse it is light.

7. What observations did they make about putting the lemons on the rafts? Write what happened to each raft when the put lemons on top?

Dry whau raft:Jed and Colin.
Green whau raft:Michael and Daniel
Pine raft:Dad Mikaere

8. here. is a picture of a whau tree it is nice and buiterfall. you can have a look on to see my learning it is about  whau trees and please leave a comment behind. and for the adults please leave a little comment.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Living on Mekong River

Hi there Pt England students would you like to hear what learning I did today? Well this is what it is, I learned about a place called Mekong River in Vietnam. If you want to learn more look on top of the writing and read it till you understand. But for the teachers please leave a comment below oh and the little ones as well.