Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Holiday Highlight

Image result for it's the best day everIn the holidays I went to Rainbows End with my family. The first ride that I went to was the power search  and it was just like the invader so then I said to myself “hey if the power search is just like the invader then I should go and try the stratosfear because the stratosfear spines just like the invada” So then I went and tried it with my brother. First my brother said “you can lead the way” so then I went on the ride first and then my brother came and fastened his seatbelt, But I didn't so then I got of the ride and my brother could not get his belt off so then he said to the ride manager tack off my seatbelt right now! But then the manager said sorry to late and then I hi fived the manager and the ride went on. Then when the ride was finished he came off and said to the manager “NICE JOB!!” So then we went to my aunt's house to finish off the best day ever. Click here to see the song.