Tuesday, 13 December 2016

My Prizegiving

This is my Prize giving Presentation about
what kind of awards that I got. please take
a look and leave a comment down
below and please tell the world. Just joking
but anyways have a good good day bye.

Monday, 5 December 2016


Here is my poster about Pseudoscience
Hope you will be careful around
signs and shops see ya. oh remember
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Friday, 2 December 2016



What was the author's main message in pseudoscience
Don't always believe in pseudoscience because you might get so attached to it and not worrying about the world around. For example, it is like the things that are on tv, like commercials that are on your tv. Look at when there are houseware commercials come on, says “hey you there you need to buy this and you will be amazing once you have bought this”. Do not believe that, They just want you money, it is like your the baby and there the robbers. So have you heard about that taking candy from a baby well yeah it is like that. So please do not get trapped in the world of Pseudoscience, or you can call it the world of make believe.      

What are some of the differences between scientists and advertisers?
Are the people that will research if this product is true or not.
Are things that make you want to buy this product and just links you to it.
Are very smart and probably there the ones that can trick you mind and make you believe.
Are things you buy, but you only get half of the story that comes on the tv.

Write 3 sentences explaining something new you’ve learned from this reading.
1. I have learnt about when pseudoscience takes over everything around you because you are like so so attached to this product and, to be honest one time I  got so attached I absolutely did not care about the world around me.
2. Do not always believe in pseudoscience, because man you will just get half of the story and you will I mean you will get money taken out of you bank or wallet, so be careful.
3. You can also trick people with pseudoscience and I will promise you that on time you got tricked as well, but you can get them back by tricking them with your pseudoscience.
4. Remember to not get trapped into pseudoscience please it will change your life.     

Hi there again, this week we were leaning about Pseudoscience
about how it can trick your mind. Oh this week is quiz, you will 
need to find out by your self about pseudoscience and put it in to 
a rap or a poem or anything you like, and please send it to 
hendrix2d8tgnf@ptengland.school.nz. Oh if you win I
will come over to your class and I will give you the Cbar
so watch out and you will if you will get the Cbar, remember 
to comment down below of what you think ha haaaa.