Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Monday, 29 August 2016

Advice About Sleeping

This presentation is going to help you with your sleeping matter's.
If you can't get enough sleep then this advice is going to be for you.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Show Me Don't Tell Me

On the starting line, I could feel my stomach jumping and Charging like a Wrecking ship was going to smash through my head, my legs were like jelly, my heart was pounding like a volcano that was going to explode, I could hear the people shouting and cheering through everyone's ears. I felt like i wanted to go but there was no way out, Mr Burt slammed the two bricks together and everyone were blasting and charging towards the line. We were blasting like wild lions going across the field and Our Legs were sprinting like a cheaters was chasing it’s prey and Our legs were filled with pain. Well we were still running we were huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf was gonna blow down everyone. My arms were red like it was burning water fire. I was relieved to see the finish line in my eyes. My sweat felt like a water fountain dripping down, my cheeks were burning with boiling hot water, my legs were shaking like an earthquake and my back felt like it was getting grill. When I was running I could hear shouting and yelling like there was a Olympics happening, but it was. Once I got on the finish line my face was filled with happiness and I am a person that never gives up.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

What Kind Of Muscles Do People Have

What Kind Of Muscles Do People Have

Hi today I will be talking to you about What type of Muscles that we have in our body and some of the most
Interesting facts that you yes, you might not know. So let's just give you one fact that is pretty interesting it is that adults and babies have that same amount of bones in the human body It is like over a lot, do you want me to name some of them OK. The first bone is the common one it is the skull, do you know what the skull does. It can do many thing that can be dangerous, like you might be thinking that you brain is right on top of your head, hey but guess what it's not it is actually connected to you skull. So the skull is still a bone but it’s job is to protect your brain and to connect all the electrical wires that is called nerve system  that can control Brain Damage. Also you got to take  care of your skull or else... hospital mate, but you can get brain damage and you can die so just be careful please, you know, please or else… well everyone knows so just be careful thank you.

So are you guys ready for the next one or are you just too bored, well then let's play a game to see how good you are at CAN YOU GUESS THAT? So let’s get to it, first question. Does an adult human being is made up of around 7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 atoms.
True or False put down you answer in the comment box below. Are you ready for the next question or that's it for tonight and you go to sleep OK do you want to go to sleep OK otherwise have a great night and stay safe and LOOK AFTER YOURSELF, OK bye.   

The Olympics

Hello I am your host for today, Qwstion do you know who started the Olympics? I will give you a few minutes…. It was  Baron Pierre de Coubertin he was the one who had the great idea to make the games and he is an artist, Oh and Fact, did you know that they made the olympic games to honor their great god zeus and they lit their torches to honor him with respect and honor, oh man i wish that I was him hahaha joking. But other wise, Today I will be talking about why the Olympics came to be and other loads of great things, so stay tuned for some more interesting facts and stories.

The Olympics started From 776 BC to 2016 WOW and did you know that instead of getting a medal for their great effort, they get a olive tree branch necklace thing that looks so so beautiful I think that I am going to you know Cry  so damn beautiful. Oh well moving on as you already know that they made the olympics to honor there Greg God and it was zeus, but do you know why they honored him and why did they make the olympics for him.

Well let me tell you, they made these olympic games because he is so strong that he was called as the king of the olympic and man he is big. Now you might be thinking right now that, where the hell did this kid get all of this information from, if you want to now then go and check out, it is awsome they will tell you what they eat for good bodies, like mine jokes and other good stuff that you might did not know about the olympics. So tonight we'll be a great challenge to the people who are reading my story right now live, just like in the olympics right hahaha, yeah not FUNNY but moving on the challenge is, sort of like a listening skill so wait do you know how started the olympics if you do know then put it right down below if you get it correct then come and see me and you need to remember HIS name and you are going to get a prize so stay safe, I am your host Hendrix.

Friday, 12 August 2016

BFG Movie

The BFG, The BFG, The BFG! When you say the BFG what do you think it stands for now listing the BFG is like saying Big Friendly Giant or Best Friendly Girl, But it really mean Big Friendly Giant. Now let me give you a fact about the BFG movie, The book was made in 1982 But the movie was made in 2016 right now, So what I think is that books that were made back the is Actually older than movies wow I did not see that coming until today.

The relationship between Sophie and the BGF was kind of changing, because at some parts Sophie didn't trust the giant  or the giant didn't trust Sophie. They relate kind of like strangers, like they don’t trust one another, but they only trust one another at one time. It was when Sophie knew that the BFG was going to take care of her so I that at this time she was going to test the BFG if he was going to save her. So then Sophie jumped of the bilenky and she knew that the BFG was going to catch her then she jumped of and the BFG caught her in his hand very gentle. Then that was the time when Sophie knew that she can trust him to take good care of her.

My Favorite part of the movie was when the bad giants got taken to that island with nothing but to eat snozzcumbers hahahahaha and that was there pay back oh and by the way they hated snozzcumber and the BFG and sophie stayed at the united kingdom where the queen let them live at. What a beautiful ending right If you want to see the movie then just go to silya park and go to the therda and pay 200 dollars hahahaha see ya.