Friday, 19 September 2014


Key Competencies

Managing Self
Why do you need to manage yourself ? It is because when you grow up and if you choose if you want to keep going, doing bad stuff you are going to end up in prison or if you quit doing bad stuff you are not going to waste your life in prison with bad people. For example if you are one of those people who really want to get a good report you should now manage yourself in all terms of school.

How do you manage yourself ? Step one sit up, step two, listen to the teacher step three, don’t play with your friends on the mat step four go and do your writing and do not talk to people when you are doing your work. Don’t go on a different sites when you are not allowed. Because Mr Burt can see what you are doing on your chromebook at all times. For example you should be respecting your teacher at all times at school because you might get a bad report.

Why do you need to think ? You need to think because when you are outside and there is a sign that says danger and the fence is is broken. You do not go over it because it says danger. And thats is why you need to stop and think. For example if you are having your lunch and you see someone fighting, you do not go and join the fight you just tell you teacher. And if your friend says to you oh why did you tell, you just walk away and your friend will come back and say hey im am sorry for what I said and you have to forgive him.

How do you think ? Well if your friend says to you come on lets go over the fence that says danger you say no, but if he says no ones watching us you still have to say no if you want to go over you can, but I’m just going to stay here ok.


Friday, 12 September 2014


How to be a canpoin

How to be a campoin from Team 3 PES on Vimeo.

Cyber smart

Use my brain use my heart I’m going to be cyber smart. Do you guys know what that means, it means you have to use your brain to drive to success and choose to believe. And use my heart means, use it for positive facts and make the most. And lucky last cyber smart means, think brain.     

You need to use your brain because if you get caught from doing bad stuff you will get sent out of school. For example if you're on a site and you think it is wrong, you have to stop and think before you go on that site. This is another example if you are on a bad site Mr Burt can see you on your history at all times.

You need to use your heart because if you write something not feeling nice that person will write something bad to you and you are the one who started it. For example if someone writes a bad letter to you you have to screenshot it and sent it to your teacher or principal and delete it off your gmail.

You need to be cyber smart because if you are in school and you big brother buys you lollies  before school you have to put it in your bag and wait until it is hometime then you can eat it. For example if you did something bad don’t try to delete it from your history just tell the truth to your teacher or principal.               

Now you know  what cyber smart means. It is your time to shine just like a star at doing your key competencies and cyber smart.