Thursday, 30 July 2015

My Job

I would want to be a dishwasher monitor. I would be taking cutlery to the staffroom and I will be washing them.

I would want this job because I might get payed a lot and to give the teachers nice and clean dishes not like the those other guys. When I do this job I will be quick and fast trying my best to improve. I won’t be late for class and I would do the dishes.

I am the right person for the job because I have done this at home with my mum or for myself. This is the right job for me because I am good and my hands are pretty good because my hands are super quick. Last time there was heaps of dishes on Christmas night and it was my turn to wash the dishes so then I putt on my gloves and I turned the hot water on then I scrape scrape scrape and then I dried dried dried. Then the dishes were nice and clean.
Walt: create a curriculum vitae

This is my CV and job application. For this task I had to prove why I was worthy of the job, dishwasher. I had to provide my teacher with evidence of past experience and reasons why I am the best candidate. I have learnt during this process that it is much harder to get a job than I first thought!

Teacher Lesson

Ski Trip

This is my Ski trip reading follow up you can look at it to check my learning.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Maths Problem Solving

Warriors V Sea Eagles

Image result for warriors v sea eaglesOn Saturday my dad came back from work with six tickets to the Warriors V Sea Eagles and then I said “ yes we got some tickets to the Warrior's V Sea Eagles” . Then we went straight to the game at four thirty because the game started at five O'clock. So when we got there we had to wait in the line and give the six tickets to the man at gate A.

Then we got in and eat lunch but my sister couldn't because she dropped her sandwich so then I had to she my sandwich. And then I was so sad but then the game started so we had to watch the game and then Shawn Johnson scored a try and the crowd goes wild the crowd was like yeah yo whoa Wow Amazing but then the crowd went sad because Shawn Johnson broke his leg and I said “oh no no why why your beautiful leg that your team gets tries OH NO NO”. So then After that sad moment My dad said “ see now the Warriors are going to lose So then we went out of Mount Smart Stadium and and went  and had dinner at  my aunt's house.
And when we got there we eat steak with mash potatoes and gravy and mixed veggies Yummy for my tummy so I was so clean for seconds. Then after dinner  I went in my aunt's garage and played some pool table  and then I went back in the house and watched the game and the warriors lost, and my dad was right. but, luckily we got the six tickets for free from this Indian man at my dads work.   


Thursday, 23 July 2015

My Family

School Rules

Image result for school rules10 School rules

1. Be smart where you park.
2. Play in the right place at the right time doing the right thing.
3. Gum is dumb.
4. Be good with your cards its not that hard.
5. Do your best at the test.
6. Don’t be a bully.
7. Let little kids go first.
8. Share the school property.
9. Trade and enterpriz.
10. Mataponoe.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015


Image result for cultureIf you go somewhere far from your family you do not change your culture or your family  


Image result for godMy God is so big so strong and so mighty there's nothing my
God can not do ha ha  

Two Weeks holiday

On sunday July 19th in the morning I went to church and I was serving and by the way I am a catholic. I go to St Pius the X catholic church and I love to serve. so after church we went back home and made a sunday feast and when it was time to eat  I had to say the prayer for the food. So I said “Thank you lord god for bringing us this food today that me and my family eat and thank you for everything in Jesus christ your only son Amen. The things that we eat was samoan food like taro, corn beef, pig, chops ewe, chops, and oka, all of my cousins loved the food even my cousins dog loved it. So after the feast we had some old videos about me and my family to watch. And then my little nephew said “ yes family movie time” and then everybody started to laugh and he was like “what why are you guys laughing” and then I said “because you are funny” and he said “no i’m not”. Then after that funny moment we watched the first video about me and my brothers in samoa doing the samoan haka we were going wild but that is when I was a little baby. That video was taken in 1923 jokes it was taken in 2009. Tetris came down my aunt's eyes so then I gave her a teshou and she hugged me and my brothers and then she said “ow my nephews you are so so good at doing the samoan haka. And that was my two weeks holiday.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Holiday writing

Image result for state of origin 2015On wednesday I was watching the state of origin and the team that I was going for was QLD and they won yea I was so happy because me and my brother made a bet who is going to win the state of origin, is it going to be QLD or NSW. We bet 20 dollars and on that wednesday night I was filled with joy because QLD won yea a and I was so happy that I almost cried but my brother was not so happy because he was going for NSW but they lost and I was like haha you lost.So he needed to hand over the money and he was sad and that was my Holiday.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Teacher Lesson

Here is my teacher lesson you can click teacher lesson to view and it is the won that is highlighted and lined.
It was a little bit hard because we had to divide and times and numbers were just a around the place in my mind. So you can have a look at our teacher lesson and remember to comment down bellow.