Sunday, 6 December 2015

My New Piano

Image result for pianoMe and my new piano.

P1. On sunday Feb the 13 in 2016 we went to my aunt's house and she lives far far away we went there because she wanted to move some stuff out like her old piano and her big kid’s toy’s. She has a feijoa tree at the back of the house and then I said to sister “ I know what i’m going to do go and grab some feijoas at the back” so we went at the back with our plastic bags and boom there was a lot of BIG feijoas so me and my sister was so so happy. My sister said “ I want to live here and I am going to live here” so I said “ well you can live here while I am in samoa with mum and dad” and she said “ no way man I want to go to samoa” so I said  “ we are both going to samoa with mum and dad” now we went back inside the house with our BIG feijoas My mum said “ wow look how many feijoas you guys got it is like you go the whole tree” and my aunty was laughing.

P2. Then I saw the old piano it was a little bit olden day, but I still said “ I still want it” because If I go there another day it might be gone and I will be sad so we took it in the car and I did the work and I was sweating so I went in the house and I grabbed a fresh cold water then I said “ ahh ahh” then we still needed to put in the toys inside the car that we are going to get from her garage and believe it or not she had lots of toys then I said “ this is going to take forever”.

P3. So I was doing the most work and I had to lift heavy boxes of toys and of course I had a little play around with the toys and I was pretty all right with the amount of toy that we are getting but the mess is going to be big and I will be tired of picking up the toys.  


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