Wednesday, 31 May 2017

A Moment When I Was Proud- Year 8 Leadership Camp

We are leaning to write a interesting and engaging recount.
This camp was really fun and also interesting at the same
time, there was times that I almost gave up, but I knew that
this was a leadership camp.... remember to comment down bellow.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

T2W1 Math

Hello there again Pt England school this is a presentation about, well math.We are learning to use our knowledge of place values, fractions can decimals to solve word problems and to see how much we remember from term 1. some questions were a bit hard so I went on to my blog and went to older posts and try to remember how to solve it. So remember to leave me a big comment down bellow.

Monday, 8 May 2017

W2 Maths Grid

Hello there Pt England  here is my 12 by 12 maths grid,
I thought that it was a little bit hard at some times.
This took me 10 minuets and I found that it was quite 
challenging at some timetables, so as you can see I was close to getting finished. 
My goals for this term is to try and smash
all my timetables,
so remember to comment down bellow.