Friday, 11 March 2016

Camp of Champs

One beautiful sunny day, there lived Judah and Ryan sitting on the front deck at their Nana's house. So then Ryan got up and said “hey we should go to that camp that was on t.v yesterday, because we are doing nothing at all”
“but what if dad comes back with the creamy chocolate donuts and ice cream with KFC” replied Judah.
“it’s not all about eating bro you know me i’m the healthiest in the house” said Ryan
“are you trying to call me fat?”
 “no no man I’m just trying to say that we should go to the camp that came on t.v, please brother can you come with me”. Ryan said  
“ok fine” said Judah
“I promise that today is going to be the best day of your life” replied Ryan.

So they went to camp of champs, but once they got to camp they saw a huge man with five big German Shepherd dog’s. Then that is when Judah said “hey man I think we should go back home now”
“no man we can’t go back home, I just payed 5202 dollars you can’t just spend money like that” replied Ryan.
“But i’m about to pee my pants man please can we go back, please you know me I’m scared of dogs that are big and looking like that.”
“just hold it in man don’t be a girl your a man and man’s are the strong ones,Poor what's that smell” said Ryan
“oops I think I just did it”
“You what!!

Then the man let go of the dog’s chain by accident because it was too hard to hold them well they were pulling him and then the dog’s went and bit Judah and Ryan to death for dinner. .Then the cops showed up right on time for the cime. So then they took the man to prison

For letting the the dogs go and bit some people and he had to pay 2 million dollars to pay for the two men’s life RIP Judah and Ryan but wait Ryan was earn a life from the GODS . Then the cop said to the the big man “have a good life you filthy animal.” hahaha THE END.