Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The Cardboard Cathedral

WALT: Find comparisons and differences between items and provide proof.

This is my groups reading follow up. This presentation is about comparing Christchurch with Auckland and finding out about their differences. We were also challenged to look for similarities and items that have nothing in common between these two cities.

During this activity I have found out that when Christchurch built the replacement building they did this with cheaper materials because if there is an earthquake and your house has been damaged you can just live in the cheap house and you don't need to pay that much. They also built the cathedral using cheaper materials because it will only be used for a short time until they can afford to build the permanent cathedral.

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  1. Great work Hendrix in explaining your thinking! I like how you have tried to put into words your new understanding around building temporary buildings. You have also improved in your ability to complete reading tasks with lots of detail that you have found directly from the text. I am very proud of you my man - keep it up!