Thursday, 24 July 2014

My Holiday Highlight

Welcome to term 3, so do you guys want to hear about my holiday? If you say no I am going to cry. So first I was excited to go bowling with my fanau. I was the first one to bowling, I got a strike then it was my brothers tern. He was saying “I am coollllll”, but then next minute his ball went into the gutter. I was laughing out loud, but I felt sorry because he left his team down.

Then I said to my brother just be happy that we are going to mini golf. So then we went, there where lots of people waiting with their sticks and balls. I was the first one to take a shot I just missed. It was my brothers tern and he said “oh I can do this, it is so so easy”, and he got the ball in the hole, he was the man.

We went home and me and my brother played GTA on the PS3 it was cool. I got a cool car. And we lived happily ever after. Bye bye and see you next time.              Bowling, Warna Warni