Monday, 30 June 2014

Diamante Poems

little brother.
cheeky, smiley, jelly.
loving, hoping, eating.
hitting, playing,helping, cooking.  
his name is sonny, he is a baby, he loves his nana.
he will always go to open the door when his dad goes outside.
he loves to sleep in my room.
By hendrix .

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Describing A Special Family Member

I love my grandma she is the queen of our hearts. She is my helper, my hero and she is the best grandma. We make scones together, we go  everywhere together. My grandma is seventy years old she loves to eat corn beef. Now that she is up heaven with god, she is good. She will be ok by her self and I know she will always remember us, she can always come back to us and sleep with us.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Hansel and Gretel's Journey Map

Titanic Inquiry Report

Question 1 information: My question is that how big the titanic ship sink? I think that the ship was bigger than four huge air NZ plans you can fit loads of big thing the titanic is so big it can be used to carry big stuff to england to all the way to america like deliverer people just like my uncle that used to rid a big ferry boat but then he died pretty sad all right bla bla bla so then when it hit the iceberg the ship slowly brakes the mittel prat snaps then it falls down then it just collapsed down it went so fast like throwing a stick[it went down so fast] honest lee.        

Question 2 information: My question is that why did it feel? i think the ship because the builders who  built it might build big ship wong,they might if used the wrong tools, they might if been angry, they wanted to punish them and the other reason might be the manager not giving them enough money he might if given them 5$.     

Question 3 information: My question is what did the rich people had and the other people? I think the rich people had private rooms and private bathrooms. They might have nice plats, nice forks and knives with beautiful tables and chairs and vin. I think the people who can pay medeme things they get one bathroom for two people [ that might be pretty sad ] The people who can just afford a little bit is all the way down the bottom [ so deep .]  

Question 4 information: My question is that how many people built the titanic ship? I think over 500000 people to build the ship so that might take 3 years and if i was there i would take lots of pics of the titanic ship, so imagine this if you were building the titanic ship you would want lot of water [ it will take days to build it.] I think that the titanic ship toilk 9 people to drive it so that might take long.  

My Holiday Highlight / Lowlight

P1.     “First of all I went to the zoo it was cool I feed the hanstar with letis it was so cute”. They were nebeling it so tiny[they had red eyes]. Ather I went to see the elephant “they were so big” then we went to see the tiger “they had orange and white stripes”. “I asked my mum and dad if I can go and see the tall gruff so we went”. “It was so tall [ “i think that the gruff is taller than a house”]

Key Competencies - Reflection

Is it buoyant?

Samoa language week

Samoa language week

P1.  Talofa lava everyone welcome to samoa, today we are learning about samoa. did you know that samoa was the second language to be spocon? that will be quite interesting for the palauig people. At samoa it is so so beautiful [ just like other concey ] if you go down to the village called visuo you can go in to the huge hotel it is like 50 drop’s down, so imagine this if you were at visuo would you go to the hotel  
i won’t because if there is a fire and i am all the way on top i might get burned by the fire because my room will be way way on top of the other peoples rooms and it might take long for me to come down all those steps and the steps might get flamed that will be quite scary.

Describing A Special Family Member

P1 I love my grandma she is the queen of our hearts. she is my helper, my hero and she is the best grandma. we make scones together, we go  everywhere together. My grandma is 70 years old she loves to eat cone beef but now that she is up heaven with god she is good.    Jun 10, 2014 10:05:43 AM.jpg

Monday, 9 June 2014

Describing A Special Family Member

Living in a Shipwreck

Living in a Shipwreck

1.2.07 Part 1

WALT: Analyze surface features and the language used

1. The Star of Canada sank in this story. A word that describes how it sank is = ‘Slowy’. Now we can write ‘Sank Slowly’. Two words that start with the same letter (like sank & slowly) and are put next to each other is called; Alliteration. Other examples of alliteration are; Fast Frog or Stinky Snail.

Find alliteration for these words from the story.

Wooden Washbasin
Rocky Reef

Captain Cabin

Slippery  Stairs

2. What is a shipwreck? A shipwreck is a ship that is broken just like a old car.

3. How did the ship sink? It sank because the winds blew the ship onto the rocky reef at kaiti beach where it stuck fast. Water started to gush into the boat.

4. Why do you think the part of the ship they saved was called the wheelhouse? It is called the wheel house because they had a bell in their home they have a wheel in their home and it had lots of stuff that looked liked a real ship.

5. What is a barge? a barge is an boat that take stuff from here to a the other side of an country.

6. Find  and mark Gisborne on a map of New Zealand using google drawing. Mark and name 3 near by towns. tolaga waira opotiki.