Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Making Pool Table


Last Term my friend and I thought about making a pool table at Maker Space, but then other people copied us. So we tried to be the first people to make a pool table so that people would know that we came up with the idea first. But then I had another idea, to make a dart board. But then this kid said to his mate “Dude should we make a dart board” and then I jumped in and said “Wait wait wait! That was our idea”. 
They said “No, I had that idea first” so I just let them have it because that is what Ambassadors do the best - let other people feel included, just as Talita says in her introduction.
So, we made the pool table and finished it off quickly. Here is a short video and if you want to see the finished game that my friend and I made, then head over to classes 6, 7 and 8 and try to spot me when you get there so I can show you the pool table.   
This is my long paragraph about what my friend and I made at Maker Space and do remember to comment down below.