Monday, 30 March 2015


P1. On Tuesday 24th of March in 2015 we had to go down to the Point England Reserve. But then it just got postponed because it was a bad weather and it was raining. I think that it is starting to rain every day because in Vanu` atu there is a cyclone and it is bad.

P2. Tomorrow we Point England School is going to go down to the Reserve and we are going to see Hokule’a and Hikianalia they are two Hawaiian waka’s and they are going to land on Point England Beach and that’s why we are going down to the Point England Reserve.

P3. And there was hip’s of school’s over there at the Beach to see the waka’s. We sang hip’s of Maori songs and it was cool. And I learned that the waka’s are important to Point England school.

P4. They token 3 moth's to come from Hawaiian to NZ. So if you are a school kid and you are coming to Point England school you will be so so late. but the people on the waka uses the star's to lead there way to land at Pt England beach.      

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Writing sampel

We first began coming in to class the next morning and then we had to go to our litres classes. Mr Somervile said that we had to get in to budi’s, my budi was billy topia.
Then Mr Somervile  said to the class to get a towel or a jumper to use it as a blindfold. Now we started to tell the person that was blindfolded where to go.
Some people fell over and some bumped into one another. I told my friend billy to go left but he did not went left so then he bumped into the pole. Then Mr somervile said to give the blindfold to the other person that has not had a turn.
So then it was my turn to get blindfold, he puted the blindfold on        my eyes and then we were on the park. He told me to jump up and holed so then I did it, but first I asked him “is it a monkey bar”? and he said “yes it is a monkey bar, but don’t be afraid”. So then I jumped and I held on so tightly and my heart was pounding and then I stopped and I said “hey this isn't scary at all” so then I started to move on and on then I fell.
Now I learned that blindfolded isn't that bad at all .